When people ask what we do for wood floors I just tell them everything. After 40 years of working on wood floors 24/7, there isn't much we haven't seen. Our services include but are not limited to the following:

Wood Floor Sourcing

White Oak

Red Oak





Eastern White Pine

Heart Pine

Reclaimed Hardwood Flooring, Beams, Posts, Mantels etc.

Wood flooring milled from 400 year old lumber sourced from old barns, factories and river bottoms. This is "old growth" beauty in its finest form. The trees were allowed to grow to full maturity in a zero pollution environment resulting in a quality unavailable in newly harvested farmed trees.


Estate Flooring's hardwood flooring is milled here in Chicago for each installation. This ensures us with wood with the proper moisture content. This is a key factor for a   succesful installation. This close connection with the mill also allows you to be very specific about your order. We get longer boards up to 12 feet and white and red oak    in widths  up to 8 inches. Wide boards, longer boards, quartersawn, rift sawn, plainsawn, rustic grade- anything you can imagine milled just for your home with zero   

shipping costs.     

All of our parquet flooring, borders and medallions are made by the great craftsmen at Oshkosh Design in Wisconsin. 

Sanding,Staining and Finishing

Modern Dust Controled sanding equipment.

Oil based stains,applied by hand,any color.  www.duraseal.com

Waterbase finishes by Basic Coatings.   www.basiccoatings.com

Floors,Stairs, Newel Posts, Handrails, Architectural Woodwork, Historic Restoration



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